NGC 281, Pacman Nebula

Ngc 281, Pacman Nebula. Click for a bigger image.

This was a challenge. I wanted to see how deep I could go from my sky, which is at around 5-5.5 mag, or 20.3-20.5 sqm. My point of reference was Fabian Neyer’s great image of the Pacman, which you can see here:

We seem to be having a similar sky, however after 32 hours of total exposure, and 15 min subs, I wasn’t able to capture as much as he did. I did a hard processing, stretching the image a lot, and some fainter structures were there. A truly dark sky would surely reveal a lot more. Overall, it is nice to go for popular targets, while trying to capture more stuff that are there, but are a lot harder to pick out. Image details are as follows:

Scope FLT 98, Camera QHY9

Luminance 10 hrs 15 min, Ha 20 hrs 30min, RGB 1hrs 30 min, total 32 hrs 15 min, 15min subs

Corinthia Greece, 5-5.5 mag sky, August 2016

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