Μ81 Μ82


M81 M82 in Ursa Major, a pair of galaxies surrounded by the integrated flux nebula (IFN). The IFN is dust that surrounds our galaxy and is illuminated by the stars of our galaxy as a whole. In contrast, dust inside the galaxy is illuminated by individual stars, and is called reflection nebulae.

This is a new process of an image that I captured back in 2015. I wanted to capture the IFN from my rural site which has a mag 20.5 SQM or Bortle 4.5. Luminance 19 hours, RGB 3 hours, for a total of 22 hours.

Telescope: WIlliam Optics FLT 98 at F/5

Mount: HEQ5 Pro

Camera: QHY9M

Location: Corinthia Greece, SQM-L 20.5

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