NGC 6791

NGC 6791 LRGB new

NGC 6791 is an open star cluster at Lyra. It is one of the older clusters in our galaxy. Just 5 arc-minutes Northwest of the cluster is the star Kepler-19 which has been found by the Kepler mission to be hosting exoplanets.

I decided to image this cluster in a wide field of view that also shows the dust in the area, making for a nice frame.

Telescope: William Optics FLT 98 at F/5

Camera: QHY9M

Exposures: Lum 5 hours, RGB 45,45,60 min, total 7.5 hours

Processing: Pixinsight, Regim, Photoshop

Corinthia, Greece, SQM-L 20.5, Brtle 4.5, 20/6/2017

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