NGC 281 in the dust.


LHaRGB2 new

LRGB new

Portrayed are LHaRGB and LRGB versions. I acquired the data for this image in August and September 2017. It is almost 32 hours of integration time. Wanted to portray Pacman surrounded with all that dust in the area, as can also be seen in the DSS stretched image. The processing was tricky. In the end I chose to go with a version that revealed enough dust all round, even though it may make the main nebula appear not as dominant. For the LRGB image I did Photometric Color Calibration in Pixinsight, and then reduced some of that green. For the LHaRGB version I tweaked the color a bit more. Click the images for bigger versions.

Telescope: WIlliam Optics FLT 98 F/6.3 618mm

Camera: QHY9M

Exposures: Lum 15 hours in 10 min subs, Ha 15 hours drizzled in 20min bin 2×2 subs, RGB 1hour 40min.

Processing: Pixinsight, PS

Location: Corinthia, Greece, SQM-L 20.5, bortle 4.5, August – September 2017.

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