SH2-188 to NGC 457


Click on the image for a larger version.

I decided to create a 2 frame mosaic spanning from SH2-188 Nebula to the famous NGC 457 ET Cluster.

NGC 457 is an Open Cluster in Cassiopeia, 7900 light years from us. It has an estimated age of 21 million years. The cluster is sometimes referred as the Owl Cluster, or ET Cluster (due to its resemblance to the movie character). Two bright stars, magnitude 5 Phi-1 Cassiopeiae and magnitude 7 Phi-2 Cassiopeiae can be imagined as eyes. This is the Equatorial view of the cluster.

SH2-188 is a Planetary Nebula.

Telescope: William Optics FLT 98 at 618mm

Camera: QHY9

Mount: HEQ5 Pro

Exposures: Lum 9 hours, RGB 1 hour 40 min, Ha 2 hours.

Location: Corinthia, Greece, data from August 2017.


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